The Reality of Climate Change : Present and future climate realities for children


Today, 2.2 billion children are growing up facing the impacts of climate change. Representing over 30 per cent of the world’s population, children have the absolute right to live in a decent environment with all that this implies: attending school; having nutritious food; enjoying good health; and living and growing up in safety. This is not simply a moral assertion. It is a legal commitment through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) – the world’s most widely ratified human right streaty and the foundation for the work of UNICEF with and for children.

Climatologists are increasingly certain that humans are altering the Earth’s climate dramatically – and
that, in the absence of strong collective action, we face catastrophic warming of 4°C (7°F) or more by
2100. The greatest challenge for our children and their children will be feeding the 9 billion people
projected for the middle of the twenty-first century in a world ravaged by hotter temperatures,
more extreme weather and sea level rise. Young children in particular are most at risk from the high
temperatures, malnutrition and climate-induced migration. The greenhouse effect has made
the life we know possible. Our sun


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