Training on Climate Change


A 3 day training session was organized in Manpura, Bhola as part of the project Children on the Frontline run by Coast Trust and funded by UNICEF. On the first day, there was an Inception meeting where members of local government, forest department, school teachers, health sector and various other stakeholders attended the event. COAST and UNICEF staff introduced the project, objectives and what activities will take place over the next 6 months. There was a detailed question and answer session followed by speeches from different members of the panel. Following the inception meeting, the three day TOT session was carried out with 25 trainees, mostly youth ambassadors and COAST staff. This was conducted over four training sessions over a span of three days.
This training was based on the Training Manual on Climate Change, Impact, Adaptation and Advocacy developed by Dr Samiya Selim. The manual is divided into four modules which aim to explain the science behind climate change, what are the impacts of climate change for Bangladesh, what adaptation measures can be achieved here and what climate change advocacy we can do to build capacity of Manpura community to reduce their vulnerability to climate change. This module provides the knowledge, tools and methods that communities can use to understand their climate risk and vulnerability and develop and implement strategies for reducing them. The module is relevant for the leaders/facilitators and participants/ambassadors from the Manpura, Bhola community.
The following topics were part of the training: Preparation of a Climate Change training program and how to facilitate training, Training methods & approaches, Knowledge based learning on climate change, impacts, adaptation and advocacy, Facilitation skills, Evaluation.


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