Using the Clout of Community Radio in Facing Climate Change Challenges


In a country like Bangladesh, Community Radio can be an effective platform to raise the voices of the poor, to enhance people’s capacity of claiming the legitimate rights and to eradicate discriminations. It also reveals the local cultures and customs to other people especially the outsiders. Community radio can play a vital role at the grassroots level for rural development. For instance, issues related to poverty, agriculture, gender inequality, education, social problems among others could be the focus for regular programming. Radio activities can make a significant change in a community’s life. In this project we are utilizing the power of community radio. A coastal Community Radio named Radio Meghna is broadcasting special programs on climate change regularly. The main objectives of these program is to create awareness on climate change. It is also working to engage adolescents in the endeavor to enhance community capacity of facing the challenges of climate change.


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