Youth Climate Advocates’ Visit to Climate Hotspots: Getting Practical Experiences on Climate Change Impact


We organized a visit for selected adolescents to climate hotspots like Sathkira district and Kutubdia island. From these visits climate campaigners got practical experiences on the impact of climate change, they were able to get experiences on the struggle of the climate induced migrants. The visits were organized in last March 2017. In Sathkira the team of 10 adolescents visited a remote upzila named Shyamnaar. Here most of the people collects their drinking water from nearby pond (95%). And (5%) rest of the people collect drinking water by preserving rain water during the rainy season. There is no deep tube well here. On the other hand Kutubdia is one of the climate hotspot of Bangladesh. Kutubdia is losing its land regularly. It has lost almost half of its total land areas. Adolescents have got practical information on climate change impact and struggle of the community people in climate change adaption


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