Completion Report of the “Children on Frontline: Advocacy & Adaptation on the Impact of Climate Change” Project


The ‘Children on Frontline: Advocacy & Adaptation on the Impact of Climate Change’ project has been successfully completed. This report contains brief   information about the activities and results.

The main objective of the project titled ‘Children on the Frontline: Advocacy and Adaptation of the impact of Climate Change’ was to develop youth climate change campaigners at community level through build up their
capacity. The project was implemented in the Manpura Island of Bhola district. It expected that, adolescent advocates would be able to create a knowledge based community within their area and they would also be able
to sensitize policy makers at the local, national and international level. The main strategy of the project was the advocacy by children and adolescent on the issue of the climate change impact in the coastal areas. According to the strategy to create some adolescent advocates there was one Knowledge centre from where selected adolescents could get practical knowledge on ICT, internet, effective communication, advocacy, journalism, writing reports and documentation. They also got technical knowledge on climate change and disaster. They learned English language so that they can be connected with the international gateways.
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