What We Do

The Objective of the Project are:
a. To build adolescent advocates equipped with technical knowledge and skills on climate change
b. Undertake advocacy efforts on climate change at the local, national and international level by the adolescent.
c. Enhance adolescents’ capacity to act as change agent in reducing vulnerability of the coastal areas
d. Enhance selected adolescents’ knowledge on the use of ICT for advocacy
e. Build effective leadership among adolescents to facilitate climate change related issues.

Some of our key activities include:
• Capacity building on Climate Change Impact and Adaptation, Communication and Advocacy, Reporting and documentation
• Capacity building on Basic computer operation, internet, website development and maintenance
• Establishment of knowledge center:/Web portal/Face book
• School and college based campaigning
• Sharing our message at Community Radio programs
• Community mobilization and campaigning at schools and local government
• Exposure visit to other sites experiencing climate change impacts
•Meeting/Workshop/Seminar/Human Chain/Fair, and creating a video documentary

The first phase and second phase of the project has been completed where adolescents have been provided with training on technical knowledge and skills around climate change and climate change advocacy as well as ICT, photography, videography and documentation and training .